Modular Kitchen Designing in JaipurBest Modular Kitchen Designing in Jaipur is provided by Aakriti Innovations .Term is used for the modern kitchen layout which consists of number of cabinets to hold different things in different sections. There are two sections namely floor section and wall section. Floor section is one having cabinets attached to the floor and wall section having cabinets attached to the wall and basically near to the rooftop. As we all know that we have space limitations in the apartment and houses, Aakriti Innovations provides Modular kitchen designing in Jaipur which help you out in saving space and giving out the best in limited space. Not only spaces, modular kitchen designing also help in saving time.

As we are providing Modular kitchen designing in Jaipur we can also help you in giving creativity to your kitchen by using different combinations of sizes and styles too.


  • Construction:- The construction of a modular kitchen designing is very sleek, clean and trendy. And as we provide Best Modular Kitchen Designing in Jaipur we are there to help you.
  • Color Combination:- Modular kitchen are made with the help of sheets that come in different designs and colors. 
  • Repairable:- Modular kitchen designing is easily repairable, so, if any part is damaged, it can easily be replaced and re-installed.
  • Easy Cleaning:- Cleaning a modular kitchen is very easy because of its designing and a mere cloth wipe will keep your kitchen dust-free.
  • Durability:- This type of kitchen set-up is durable in nature and if once installed, you need not to look into it for years.


  • Straight Kitchen:- In a Straight Kitchen, the whole kitchen is set in a straight wall and all the stuffs like sink, stove, fridge, etc, are in a straight wall.
  • Island Kitchen:- An Island Kitchen has a breakfast table in the kitchen itself and placed in the center due to which it is called an Island Kitchen.
  • U-Shaped Kitchen:- U Shaped Kitchen uses three walls of the kitchen for the set-up.You get a plenty of storage space in this type of kitchen style.
  • L-Shaped Kitchen:-  Under this layout, the kitchen is in L shape, which means that the kitchen set-up is on two walls of a kitchen and usually the stove is placed on either of the walls.
  • One-Wall Kitchen:- One-wall Kitchen is a concept developed for small homes where there is less space. This kitchen is set on a single wall and can be a part of living room too.
  • Gallery Kitchen:- A Gallery Kitchen which is also known as Parallel Kitchen is a type where there are two long working areas set-up on two parallel walls.
  • Work Triangle Kitchen:- A Work Triangle type of kitchen is same as L Shaped Kitchen. However, in a Work Triangle Kitchen, the stove is placed in the adjoining corner of both the walls which creates a work triangle.
  • Open Plan Kitchen:- Open Plan Kitchen are set-ups which are used now-a-days in big bungalows. These kitchens are a part of living room itself and accompanied with a dining table too.